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Mare' McCabe Petrelli I love all the cute clothes DH Styles has.  I wish they had the same cute clothes in plus sizes.  I know they have plus sizes but they are different clothes.  I like the regular size clothes but I wear an extra large and there are only a few regular items in extra large.  Thanks!
Jasmin Kenton Lots of selections.!! :)))
cole martinez The pink is kind of an eyesore..
Khrystal Turpin I love the styles and the incentives used to keep people coming back. I would love to see more shoes and actual lingerie
Angela King I love the fashions and the variety; but some of the outfits would-be nice if they were being sold in larger sizes
Theresa Anderson Affordable prices !
Marina Andreas love ths styles and affordability..keep it on
Kee Kee Norton rewards
tamika johnson I love the styles and some are reasonable at price buuuuuut jus expand ur plus sizes
Shana Fiedler-Anderson Search by sizes
My-My James LOVE IT!!! The separates are awesome! wish they would send out warnings when an item is going out of stock forever. Went to my wishlist to buy and items were forever gone :(
Cindy Nguyen i love all of the clothes design.! There's so much to choose from.!
Stephanie Gerges I love seeing your new arrivals and I like that you have them separated by type (pants; shirts; etc.) I would like if; when the customer returns something; that you give a full refund instead of a gift certificate. Also; some of the clothing looks very cheap; would like to see better materials used.
Destiny Alston That new styles are posted daily.
don't see anything that needs improvement yet
Jim Dougher Sexy clothes for my wife
Julie MacIsaac Bathing suits
Senam Ntumy What I love the most about your site is that when it comes to your clothing; you guys are very versatile and tasetful like no other. You guys are great. No improvement needed at all.
Tracey Van Der Walt The different types of clothing ; huge range of styles; sizes.  cheaper international shipping
Jennifer Bowles LOVE THIS SITE!
Maly Xiong Other than the affordable clothes; I love the setup of the site and its easy access; it enables me to find what I'm looking for quicker than other sites. For improvement; I would like  the site to email me about their deals and or specials. That would be nice!
Kimberly Navarrette Harvey I love your "New Arrivals" option
Celeste Chavez like all the clothing. will like it more if you would add more xlarge tops
Kaity Wood-Adams always have great deals and promotions
Griselda Dangleben Various selective styles and great prices!!
Angel 'Live Wyre' I love the different styles at decent prices.  I would like to see you have styles already marked as "sold out" of a particular size instead of me having to add it to my cart first to see if its still in stock. Also; if I look up an item by size; it shouldnt be viewable if its not in stock.
cheri clemens Everything and nothing!
Quiana Gleaves that you have many options for clothing
Sandy Vang The clothing! I love everything about DHstyle! Hopefully more shoes and more giveaways!!!
Arteya Jackson The unique styles. I would like to see even more.
Angela Davis none needed
BookFlame Reviews You guys have some of the most stylish clothes; I like everything about the site so no need to improve when you guys are already pretty awesome
Kelly Robinson I love the cute styles!
Cassandra Jenkins It also carries cute plus size clothing
Angela Davis prices and style no improvement needed
Siearra Shaw It's easy to find exactly what im looking for and for a price that keeps me coming back! The only thing i would change.... honestly nothing needs to change
glenn gillette all the new fashions
Gay Hartman Great site;great clothes...would like to see the "minimum order"for free shipping lowered.
Shareeta Reynolds Love the different styles on this website. I can come here to find things that I cant find anywhere else. I also love the prices.
T'aleicia Rankine The clothing are just unique and different!!! You can add a little variety to the shoe line.
Willona Cosby Offer more gift cards lmaoo
Verito Garcia Palafox i love it  ...i want to win
Theresa Lee prices and style and not much to improve on!
Nicole L Carroll Awesome clothes!
Angel Wilson Low and competitive prices.
Theresa Medeiros I wouldn't want u to change at all. The love everything about this store. Its amazing.
Natasha Villarreal I love the styles of clothes you have n that they look n feel very flattering. I would like to see more styles for plus size women;
Patricia Harris love the clothes!! there's no need to be improve!
Alexandra Fries It is so easy to find everything but there are so many pages sometimes I think it would make it easier if you seperated them into categories.
Laquita Robinson The thing that I love the most about your site is that there is always a variety of things to choose from.
There is nothing that you guys need to improve on.
Michele Burke I love the clothes on this site!! They're just beautiful. And the prices are FANTASTIC!!!!
Melanie Robbins I love the styles
D Taylor Great selection of items. keep up the good work.
Lakeshia Turner Love the styles; you need more shoes
Shaunerick Sutson I love the accessories the most because each accessory goes with any outfit. I would like them to build actual stores branched off by the website!!
Bonnie Page-Izzie Edgy clothes for a edgy girl!
Daisy Dee The styles are cute & affordable!
Gizel Davis I love the prices an u get the delivery on time an it is a great quality of clothing line.u can find things for any accession.
Britney Richard Awesome dresses ... Improve by having more plus sizes style dresses n clothes
Jessica Perkins The everyday sales! More sexy rompers would be nice
Cora Moore Will I love the styles I just wish they keep selling the same style n still make new styles I bought a mini short cocktail beige dress from this site and I love it
Christine Ortiz Love the stuff i see no need to improve
Tara Hearn Love the up to date style.
gudelia lopez You do not need to improve you r PERFECT already what i lovve abt this website cheap and afordabol
Elijah Smalls Beautiful selection and easy to use web page.
Amanda Kelly i like the different styles of clothes.there is somethin g different for everyone.i do think you need to have more xl in stock.
Linda Williams I love the variety and prices.
Kimberly Flynn I love the close ups of the clothes
Lindsay Johnson I love that real women are used as models and I would love it if there was more pink stuff!
lakisha hilaire so many options and different styles lovee it
mia grant i love the cloths
Patricia Brandenburg great Prices and Variety
Davena Thomas love that the dresses are affordable good quality i love this site
Danielle  FLORIO  I think that your site offers amazing clothing and accessories for a great deal.  I am looking forward to hopefully making a purchase in the near future.
Melissa Coleman I love the many super cute affordable dress options. The only thing I would love to see is more measurements for the different sizes. Also; quicker store credit for returns would be awesome!
Tania Bossi I like how it is.
Brittany Allen I love the variety of clothes you have in stock. Great selection; and styles. I did have a problem though when searching by prices pulling up different items; as though they werent all being shown in the same day.
Teresa Mosely prices are great!!
Tamara Short I love the organization and how easy it is to find the product you want to purchase!
Maura Plascencia I love the unique styles and prices. I would like to see improvement in the shoe area.
Angelica Maria Baltazar I love the items and the prices! I would like the discount codes to actually work when I enter them in. Other than that; I love the site!
Kate Ross I love all of the affordable clothes! I would like to see some more club dresses younger adults would like to wear.
Kimberly Fisher the clothing is sexy
Nickii Belmis the different styles and outfits. all the clothing is amazing.
Taylor Chanel Clothes are cute and affordable! I love that there's great sales going on all the time!!
Suzanna Norris I like your website because it is accessible; has many different styles of clothing to chose from; and your prices are great! What can you improve? More advertising. I wish I would have known about this website months ago!
kadkins akerrigan it has models that are real people i an imagine going to the mall in an outfit and everyone stop and stares
angela allen Amazingly low prices!
Destiny Lynn All the really cute tops; nothing could improve it .
Pamela Pink more flare leg styles jeans; and slacks. leg length sweaters (dusters)
Sarah Alen love
Theresa Twasam the description on the items are really helpful and clothing are really stylish .There should be more cloth on extra large size.thanks
Michelle Sifuentes The wonderful Service
Shalma Begum I love the clothing. You can find club wear to some professional outfits. The color selection is great.
randi reaney Cute stuff
Lena Lam Its oragnized; I can shop by color; types of clothes; dresses;and types of prints. I think it's a great site. Maybe you can search by prices???
Kaia Dean The site has amazing prices and. Great looking styles. This now my go to place to find all my dresses. Thank you
Laura McCarthy I love the prices!!! And I think there should be more modest clothes and maxi dresses!!! :D
Alana Heilig Better process for return shipping
Chelsea Talley love plus size sexy clothes. its great the site is awesome
London Ashlee no way you can improve and i love everything!!
Regina Young the prices and styles
Carolyn Starling pice
Allison Kollmann Offer a bigger size. I wear the large but i like some things to fit looser and everything i clicked on only had xs-L
Char Coles hippy clothes!!!!
Kimmy Tutu I love your site; it sucks stuff sells out so fast though lol
latonya buford clothes are very trendy...
Chloe Estavil The clothes; nothing.
Victoria Lynn i love that the clothes are so cheap; but i would like to see more up to date styles
Angela Barlow I love the site and clothes excellent...
Lindsey Walker Great Clothes!!!
Lydia Simpson I love the good quality clothing. Make the website more appealing.
Reina Almanza I love the variety of dresses you have.. And i would like to see more shoes!
Fleur Eckstein cheaper
Margarita Moulier Love the styles; very up to date! And looks good on all sizes!
Haley Gordon gorgeous dresses at affordable prices!!!
Angie Huff The prices;styles;and easy to navigate....
Malissa Moore Simple to use; Easy to find great fashions & in my size :) Hope to win & Shop a lot with you!
Kristy Sanchez I like how you show all the colors of clothing separately instead of just one and saying the other colors are available. I would like to see more ruffles and lace.
TuTu Tran I love the desses and tops of this site the most because they are very stylish and details. This is what I'm looking for to put in my wardrobe. However the prices are a little too expensive I guess. Or else there's nothing that need to be improve. Perfect!
Julin Popkin I love that your site has affordable clothes that look like I paid for the designer name.
I think you could improve your abruptness on removal on the sizes of clothing that are sold out.
Brandy Alley I love all the styles!  I would like to see more knee length styles so I can look stylin' at work.
Deanna Jeffries I love everything about the site and needs no improvement
Katelyn Fletcher I love yhe layout; it's very easy to find things. I can't think of anything that needs to change.
romona lall the give aways and reasonalbe clothing
kassi Turner I love how fast the shipping is! The one thing I would like to see improved is more selections.
Rosalind Adams i  would   like to see   more longer dresses&skirts
Donna Riggins Love everything. Wouldnt chang
e a thing.
Cheyenne Yohe I love y'all all the way around the board. From styles to prices to deals n it's jus a fun site to visit each time cus I am always finding new things and great deals. Even with no deals it's great prices!!
Alyssa Czternastek I love that you can shop by color ! Even more merchandise would be lovely !
MsTina Williams the clothes are nothing like i see in store; there beautiful and the price is just right.
Chantal Laforest many styles; the clearence section and always new arrivals
Shameika Harvey I love your clothing and the prices.
claudia Restrepo I love the outfits!!!
Aretha Harvey I LOVE everything on your site!! I would like to some a wider shoe variety..
NicoandGaby Garibay The ease of viewing !
Ashley Calderon I love the cloths. I think you need more of a variety for plus size..
Harley Rayner I would love to see the occasional free shipping to canada! You have free to the U.S...
Dee Clarke I love the eady categorizing. However more si
zes would be nice.
Eva Gonzalez the coupons and specials
Missy Watkins What I love the most is the descriptions you give for the products.  Very informative; and always spot ON!  What I'd like to see improve is the type of shoes offered.  Can a girl get a 3' heel?  how about some really great 1" boots?  I live and work 5 acres with woods and gardens and as great as I look in your clothes; the heels keep sinking into the ground1  lol