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Wholesale Fashion Clothing Online

DHStyles in now offering Wholesale clothes directly on our website! You can buy as many of each style as you want for your boutique! We offer large selection wholesale dresses and tops, trendy juniors clothing at below wholesale price!

-Minimum order $600 (will be less when getting wholesale price)!

-You can buy as little as one piece per style to try it out in your store!

-Worldwide Shipping!

How to open a wholesale account:

1. Create a regular account

2. Email your account email address AND one of the following options:

OPTION #1: At least 2 invoices from previous apparel wholesale purchases
OPTION #2: A copy of your Reseller's Permit/Federal tax ID, whichever applies

*Names on the above documents MUST match your account information.

If the above information is not availabe, we cannot activate your account, no exception!

After your account is approved, you will receive a notification in your email gaining access to wholesale prices!