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Amazingly, DHstyles also offer women's hosiery and womens socks. Hosiery is a legwear that is been thought to be used by early Roman and Egyptian times. Pieces of leather or cloth in strips were used to cover lower body parts. With the evolution of time, Hosiery has also evolved with it, giving way to pantyhose, socks and leg warmers. The term pantyhose comes from the words panty and hosiery. As women all know, pantyhose or tights in some countries are sheer legwear worn to cover body extremities from waist to feet. If you want to buy hosiery, browse our site for a few sexy pantyhose. We have the regular fishnet design and dotted fishnet pantyhose. You'll also see cute fashion socks like leg warmers. Leg warmers were originally used as dance wear and popularized by ballerinas and the like to actually as the name implies, keep the legs warm and prevent cramping. In the 80's, leg warmers became a fashion trend. Now, DHstyles gives every woman the chance to buy socks online.

Wearing Hosiery has a few benefits for women of the new generation. Aside from the usual warmth it may give the legs and feet, it also helps in hiding physical imperfections like scars, giving one a more polished look and of course, a boost in confidence. This in turn makes a woman even more attractive and look classy. Pantyhose can also enhance or control the curves from waist down to the legs. Also, it can make a woman look sexier by adding a touch of elegance to the outfit. Depending on one's fashion taste, some may opt to wear women's hosiery for all of these benefits. Leg warmers on the other hand are also used for the purpose of warmth and style, but only worn to cover the lower legs. These come in a lot of colorful designs worn countless of ways. Leg warmers are even available for babies these days. DHstyles offer both cheap leg warmers and cheap hosiery at a quality of satisfaction. Browse through our collection for incoming socks and tights to satisfy your need to buy socks online.